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Denis Hostel is located in Croatia

Denis Hostel is located on the southern slopes of the mountain Papuk near the famous tourist center of Slavonia.

Denis Hostel is located 12 kilometers from Pozega.

To reach the hostel Denis offered you more transportation options. From Zagreb can be reached by car or train. The fastest car on highway Zagreb - Lipovac, exiting from the highway near Nova Gradiska, then across to the town of Pozega Radovanci. By train from Zagreb is also possible to reach the village Radovanci the transfer station in the New Chapel - Batrina.

If you are coming from Vinkovci is also possible to travel by train to stop at a station in the Chapel, or by car on highway Zagreb - Lipovac Luzani and exit through Pleternica to Pozega.

If you are coming from Koprivnica car, so you go. Podravina road to Slatina, where you turn in the direction Voćin, if you continue to Highway Orahovica over Kutjevo and Vetovo come to Pozega and villages Radovanci.

Inexpensive comfortable accommodation, lodging, hostel, Europe, Croatia, Pozega, Velika, Radovanci .

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