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Affordable hostel in Croatia

Looking for a cheap hostel in Croatia? At the right place. Denis is the best hostel in Slavonia.

We offer cheap accommodation, and for the same price you get towels, linens, TV, Internet access, bathroom and toilet in each room. Our hospitable staff is always there for you and will answer all your questions about our area and the places you want to reveal ..

We offer affordable accommodation in twelve rooms and twenty-four beds.

Call us, visit and see for yourself that we offer the finest and best in our area.

We have everything you need for a well-organized, enjoyable and carefree fun, joy and rest.

With the holiday accommodation you want and a variety of outdoor activities?

We are located next to Park Nature Park is ideal for hikers and nature lovers.

Our hotel is located Filippos equestrian club offering various forms of activities with horses, both for beginners and good riders.

Do you like swimming, swimming and sunbathing, we offer visit the spa with swimming pools for children and adults, as well as various attractions like water slides and fountains.

Our country is famous for its wine and vineyards. We participate in the grape harvest and wine production. This activity is especially attractive during the organization's staff meetings - team building.

Inexpensive comfortable accommodation, lodging, hostel, Europe, Croatia, Pozega, Velika, Radovanci .

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