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Equestrian Club Filippos

Under the southern slopes of Park Nature Park, near the village of Great Radovanci, there is a ranch "Filippos" where you can stay one or more days with a rich gastronomic offer local food and drink or use as announced organized parties, engage in sports and recreational activities such as horseback riding and off-road riding (trakking).
At your disposal is a board for the horses.
The wooden barn offers 8 free boxes to accommodate your horse, and next to the barn are two suites for guests who want to stay close to the horse.
The family farm is located and Saloon, a wooden house with a large terrace where you can drink in peace. Also we organize receptions, birthday parties, christenings, school excursion. Wide choice of home jela.Nudimo rent the whole house, in which a large covered terrace with pecalom, grill, oven and lid.
Feel free to contact us and ask whatever you like.

Inexpensive comfortable accommodation, lodging, hostel, Europe, Croatia, Pozega, Velika, Radovanci .

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