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Fishing and hunting

Government and public hunting areas managed by hunting associations and private hunting unit leaseholders joined the Hunting Federation of Pozega-Slavonia County. "Golden droplets" from Kutjevo vineyards, picturesque landscapes and abundant wildlife will win the heart of every hunter. Large populations of wild pigs on the slopes of Papuk, Krndija and Psunj guarantees a very successful group hunts. Individual hunts in the hunting "Zvečevo", "South Papuk" and "Western Papuk" on the mountain deer, trophy deer or wild boar provide an unforgettable experience of free nature. The hunting grounds "South burgh" there are fallow deer, while the fox, wild cat, badger and pine marten are common inhabitants of forest Pozega-Slavonia County.

Hunting Society Pozega Valley and surrounding Lipik provide good hunting for pheasant, snipe, quail and rabbit.


Inexpensive comfortable accommodation, lodging, hostel for hunters in Europe, Croatia, Pozega, Velika, Radovanci.

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